Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get our expertise from?

Looking after high-profile clients with exacting requirements for the past six years is one of the things we do best. Our Directors as well as our team have a vast amount of experience between them. Our MD Torie Blythe-Richards has 25 years’ experience in blue chip corporate environments so can help with team and client engagement.  With the finest food and beverages being at the heart of every event we deliver heading up this part of our business is Ollie Warner and his team. Ollie's professional background is not only one of five-star calibre, he also owns his own gastropub and has been a Director of The Partnership Collection for the past 18 months. His personal background is one of a passion and a love for food and wine which was born from worldwide travel since childhood. His thirst for knowledge has been expanded by discovering and tasting the rarest wines, whisky's and unique styles of alcohol and food the world has to offer. His invention of My Virtual Connoisseur has been fuelled by his desire to impart and pass on his discoveries to you. Ollie has hand picked his team for not only their own extensive background in food and drink but their skills in engaging customers to harness their own passion for the same. 

Live Events

Can I join a live event if I do not want to organise my own?

Of course, we run a couple of monthly events that you can attend without organising your own please look at our online event calendar and simply book in on either one which suits your diary or one that suits your palette. We will deliver you a taster box and details of your online event. We are also working on a monthly subscription where you can choose from a range of events each month that are designed to build your knowledge over time.


Can I buy the products that I have tasted?

Of course, all you need to do is join our Connoisseur Club. Once you have joined you will be able to obtain Ollie’s extensive tasting notes, get information about how you can buy the products, as well as Ollie’s top tips, recipes, and food pairing tips.

I want to book an event but not everyone likes the same products can I mix and match?

We would always encourage a group to do the same experience, so as not to dilute your expert’s time. However in short the answer is yes, some of our products range enables you to give your guests a choice for example whisky and gin are great together and our expert can guide you through this and how it works. We would also recommend a cocktail master class for a mixture of ages they are great fun! We try wherever possible to make each event as unique as you, just give our team a call to discuss your individual needs.


What is the best day and time to run an event?

That is entirely down to you as an individual team but some suggestions. Team and client events run well Monday to Thursday, family Friday to Sunday. Team events run really well anytime from 4.30pm onwards to early evening, you may want to have a meeting prior to your event and finish with the tasting alternatively we can organise something like a quiz after the event which we can help with. Family events are popular at prime times 7pm onwards, some families want to get all the kids to bed first and prefer a later start time. We can start an event anytime up to 9pm.


How long does the tasting last?

This depends on two things firstly how many people are on your event and secondly how many questions are asked by your guests? We suggest around an hour and a half for 10-15 guests and a couple of hours for more than 15. You can purchase additional hours to add things such as a quiz or additional Q & A time you would be surprised at the level of questioning, we get.


I want to hold a very large event 30+ guests is this possible?

The answer is yes, now what was the question? These styles of events take a little more organisation from you and our team, but we are always up for a challenge.


How many people is ideal on an event?

Again, our team can guide you through ideal numbers during your planning chat. Live events are a minimum of 10 delivered boxes, but we have had 30 in a single event. The team will be able to understand what level of knowledge your guests are currently at, how interactive they are, and what people’s personal circumstances are. Some people have a busy and noisy household, kids, dogs, and cats pop up in our events quite frequently so do not worry you are at home, so relax.


I want to do something special do you do something bespoke?

Of course, we can do anything from deliver a full dinner party in a box to a day delegate box. We can organise a 3 or 5 course meal to your guests or send each guest everything they would need for a full days board meeting in a box. Our specialism is creating experiences so we will do everything we can to help you do this, most guests are amazed at our attention to detail.


How do you choose which expert I get?

We have a great team who are all hugely different, they all have different specialisms, personalities, and backgrounds. We will work with you to choose the right expert for you, dependant on which package you choose, the current level of knowledge of your guests, the age of your group and the purpose of your event. Family celebrations usually have a different vibe to a client events, we are here to help all the way!


How long does it take to organise an event?

Our usual recommendation is 2 weeks to enable us to get all information and delivery of the boxes to your guests but if you really have a “last minute Larry” requests we will do our best to assist.


How do my guests’ book on and how do you get their details?

Once you have booked your event, we design an invite and RSVP, which is an online booking system. You send this directly out to your guests who individually give us their details, once all guests have filled in the mobile booking system, we ask you to approve the guest list and your boxes are then dispatched.


What do you do with my guests’ details?

That entirely depends on your guests, all guests are asked at the time of booking if they would like to receive information post event on obtaining their tasting notes and joining our Connoisseur Club giving the decision to them. If they do not want to receive this after the event they are deleted from the system, if they do, they are given membership to the club. We do not share any information with third parties and are completely GDPR compliant.


I am not sure which package would suit my guests?

We have a huge range of wine, spirits and cocktail packages, our team are here to help and guide you, a quick chat with our team will help you choose the right experience for you based on all our previous events.


Do you hold physical events?

Yes we do, our parent business is The Partnership Collection has many strings to it’s bow, and you can find out much more about us at Ollie and his team hold wine lunches and tasting through out the year which you can get involved in for more details join the Connoisseur Club. 

Gift Experiences

I have bought a gift box what is the video bit all about?

The point of your gift is that it comes in two parts, the first is the beautifully presented box that your guest receives the other bit is the tutorial tasting. The video that accompanies your gift can be accessed online; your recipient will receive a card in the box giving them instructions on how to access it. The video itself is very professional, interactive (there are lots of opportunities to pause and discuss). The recipient can run their experience wherever, with whoever and whenever they like!

I have bought a gift box how quickly will it get there?

Dependant on which package you have purchased will depend on how it is sent. We use several carrier companies as well as good old Royal Mail. Most packages are sent first class but if you want something there super quick as this is a “last minute Larry” purchase just get in touch and we can get a parcel there over night for next day delivery before 1pm. (Additional charge applies)


What if the box does not turn up?

Once you have purchased the box, and we are ready to dispatch the following working day. You will receive an email telling you that your box has been dispatched to the recipient and when it will be delivered. We also track the boxes our end to ensure they have been delivered, and you will receive a further email when it has been delivered. If there is any problem after this please let us know on or give the office a call on 01455 291838 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. 


What about if there is something wrong with the contents?

We endeavour to ensure that all contents are packed for no breakages occasionally this may not be the case, if there is anything wrong on delivery then please contact us immediately with what has happened. or 01455 291838 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. 


I have been given a voucher what do I do with it?

In your gift envelope you will have received information about how to claim your experience but if you have mislaid it, please give the office a call or email to choose your gift. 01455 291838 or


I have been given a voucher, but I want something more expensive can I upgrade?

Yes of course, you can buy additional £5 vouchers online until you reach the level of purchase required.


My voucher has run out can I still redeem?

We offer a full 12 months for you to redeem your voucher however in exceptional circumstances please talk to the team.


Contact Us

Can't find what you were looking for? Contact us directly on 01455 291838 or send us an email to or fill in our enquiry form and the team will get back to you within 24 hours.

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