Heatwave pending… Here’s our best picnic drinks pairings!

I’m starting to think that someone has been conducting a rain dance for the entirety of the last month.

Sun, rain, thunderstorms. Those are the three potential options for any given day in a British summer. Sometimes it’s all three.

I’ve been reliably informed that we’re expecting a renaissance of the heatwave we enjoyed a few weeks ago… though maybe not quite as hot.

So, I’m being optimistic. I’m throwing caution to the wind and saying summer is here - we’re expecting some sun, so let’s get planning.

BBQs, garden parties, events, and picnics.

And to help you prepare, I’ve pulled together some of my FAVE picnic drink pairings…

Champagne/Prosecco – Bucks Fizz

I’ll start out simple – get yourself a bottle of Champagne. Or Prosecco, just a lovely bottle of fizz! It’s been a long old year, and you deserve a treat.

Strawberries, picnic food, and a bottle of fizz.

Make it a traditional British affair by bringing some orange juice and enjoying a lovely glass of Bucks Fizz.

Ingredients: 100ml orange juice, 200ml chilled Champagne/prosecco – serves two.

Method: Pour the orange juice into a Champagne flute, then top up the glass slowly with the Champagne.

Summer Pimm’s Punch

Pimm’s is the quintessential British summer drink.

Nothing screams summer more than a jug of Pimm’s on a lovely sunny day, right?!

With Summer in mind, I created a BRAND-NEW cocktail earlier this summer…

Just to celebrate life opening up, seeing friends, seeing family, and enjoying the fab weather (still waiting on that).

At the restaurant, we’re lucky enough to not only have a fantastic outdoor seating area, but also an outdoor gin shack as well.

And what do we do when we have a gin shack, and we all love gin? We add more gin! I give you my Summer Pimm’s Punch.

Ingredients: 25ml dry gin (I used Cotswolds), 25ml Pimm’s, a splash of cranberry juice, a splash of lemonade, strawberries, ice, cucumber, and mint for garnishing.

Method: Check out the video at the bottom of our blog HERE to have a go at my Summer Pimm’s Punch.

Elderflower and cucumber G&T

Did I mention that we’re lucky enough to have a gin shack at the restaurant? Oh, I did?

Well, we do, and we make the most of it, believe me!

Gin and tonic has become the trendiest drink on the menu for many people in recent years, and it’s the ideal drink for a picnic.

But we’d be remiss if we just gave you a basic G&T recipe.

Let’s go a little further…

Elderflower and cucumber combine SO WELL together, and this is a genuine treat of a drink.

Ingredients: 100ml gin, 100ml elderflower cordial, a 1-litre bottle of tonic water, cucumber (10cm piece).

Method: Peel two long strips of cucumber and pop them in a tupperware box for transporting. Grate the rest of the cucumber and place it in a sieve over a bowl. Press down on the cucumber with the back of a spoon to extract as much liquid as possible.

Add the elderflower cordial and gin to the cucumber juice and pour into a bottle for travelling. At the picnic, wind the strips of cucumber around the edge of two glasses, pour in a quarter of the cucumber/gin mixture, and top up your glasses with a quarter of the bottle of tonic water. Enjoy!

I can’t guarantee the weather - as much as I wish I could. But, with weeks of August still left, there’s bound to be sunny days to come.

And as soon as they do, get the picnic basket out, fill it up with sandwiches, fruit, snacks, and treats, and try out some of our fab drink ideas!

Happy celebrations,