Introducing a true Connoisseur and our brand new partner, Nathan Wilson of Margaret’s Farm

What makes a Connoisseur?

For me, it’s all about the pursuit of taste, whether that’s in the form of a classic art, wonderful cuisine, gourmet products or the finest wines.

It’s always the depth of their knowledge that gives them away.

And when it comes to knowledge, I don’t know many people who know more about the top quality artisan produce than my friend Nathan Wilson.

How did we discover Nathan and what makes him so special?

We discovered Nathan completely by chance, it was just as organic as the incredible delicacies he produces for his small business, Margaret’s Farm.

A positive outcome of the pandemic has been that lots of us are now taking a little more pleasure in our shopping than we ever did before.

And there aren’t many people who love shopping more than my business partner Torie!

During this lockdown, Torie’s been heading to Newport Farmers Market in Shropshire every weekend. And among the plethora of hawkers on their fabulous stalls, she discovered one very interesting chap.

So interesting that she had to introduce me.

Just like Torie predicted, sparks flew. We had a lot to talk about. Two gents with a serious passion for food and beverages? Getting us to shut up that first time we met was a little bit tricky.

Poor Torie.

Nathan’s story – a connoisseur on so many levels

You see, Nathan has a fascinating story. His career’s been split between the different arts of theatre and cookery, taking the term “connoisseur” to a whole new level!

Before he started Margaret’s Farm, Nathan journeyed all around the world as a Theatrical Director and Executive Chef.

And then Coronavirus hit. Severely affected, unable to chef or direct, Nathan fell back on his innate entrepreneurial spirit and started a new business, and that was Margaret’s Farm.

Margaret’s Farm specialises in selling some of the best artisan products. Nathan uses his experience as a chef to cure and smoke his own fish, meat and vegetables to deliver a wonderful range of quality produce.

I personally love his selection of olives.

His skill in selecting beautiful foods and creating stunning delicacies time after time is part of the reason why Nathan’s going to make an amazing addition to the team.

His deep, refreshing knowledge of wines doesn’t hurt either. (I forgot to mention his second stall, selling the perfect wine pairings, beers, gins and whiskeys didn’t I?!)

What Nathan says about his own products and why I know he’ll make the perfect addition to My Virtual Connoisseur

Obviously, we’ve all fallen for Nathan and his delicious products, but check out what he says about the way he works, and see what you think!

“We pride ourselves on making our products with sustainable, locally sourced produce that are then hand-crafted into the products you buy.

“We do this with love and a great deal of attention to ensure that we respect the ingredients we have and work with.

“We believe that fresh and honest food is best, that's why we add no extra flavourings, additives, preservatives or any of that nasty stuff. Pure ingredients for pure products is key.”

This passion for purity really comes across in everything Nathan makes, everything he says and especially in the way he engages with his customers.

You can’t have a chat with Nathan without receiving an excellent recommendation for something delicious!

Now that you know a little bit more about Nathan, hopefully you’ll understand why we’re so excited to welcome him to the team here at MVC.

Exciting times ahead, my friends!