It’s BBQ season – so what better than a wine and burger pairing?!

Despite what the weather might be telling you, it is summer. Honestly.

What does summer mean? Well, it’s garden parties, Wimbledon, international football tournaments… but most importantly, it’s BBQ season!

There’s nothing as reassuringly British as stepping outside on a warm summer’s day and smelling that familiar smoky sensation waft gently through the air.

To help make sure you’re fully prepared for those glorious weekend’s filled with BBQs, we’ve come up with our PERFECT wine pairings for burgers.

What could be better?! Seriously.

Because if you’re going all out to make sure you’re serving up the best burgers, it just makes sense to pair it with the best wine.

A classic beef burger

Is there more of a British BBQ staple than a beef burger?

Whether you’re going all out with steak mince, making your own, seasoning, smoking, or adding spices, it’s quite simply a classic.

You might even level up with Brioche buns, blue cheese or bacon, but whatever you choose, make sure you pair it with some of the best red meat wines…

That means Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, or even a Grenache!

If you’re more of a Malbec aficionado… then why not consider some more wines from cooler vineyards?

I’m thinking Bordeaux, St-Julien, or even a Chianti Classico. Something that pairs well with perfectly salted chips and balances with the grilled beef in your burger.

For me, that’s got to be something fruity with a hint of acidity – so Cabernet Franc and Bordeaux are my two faves!

Remember, you’ve got to take everything into account. Every detail matters, so if you’re adding spices, onion, bacon, or anything else, think of how that will impact the flavour palette.

Generally, something fruity should pair really well with a classic burger, but if you’re adding lots of different elements, you might want to hold back on the acidity…

Don’t forget about cheese too! A creamier cheese will need something especially fruity with a good acidic bite to balance against the cheese, while a tangier cheese might need something a little bolder, which is where a Cabernet or a Bordeaux come into their own.

Fancy a chicken burger?

Hey, it’s not just beef on the menu. A lighter meat in your burger, whether that’s chicken or even fish, means that you’re going to want to switch out those aforementioned reds for a lighter wine.

If you’ve got flavours of garlic, lemon, and herbs – all common chicken burger combinations, then you might want to think of something along the lines of a Sauvignon Blanc.

If you’re feeling adventurous, then why not head for a Grüner Veltliner? It’s perfect for chicken dishes and it’s absolutely delicious.

For fish burgers, whether that’s tuna, cod, haddock, or anything else, a light red could work. A red with notes of sourness can really bring out the flavours in fish and it’s ideal for fish burgers at your next BBQ!

What about a veggie burger?

If you’re a veggie and you don’t want to miss out on the fab wine pairings, don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

The thing with veggie burgers is you’re often hit with more seasoning and a slightly drier texture than its beef compatriot. That’s not always the case, and thanks to new entries into the market, you’re getting more flavoursome alternatives.

But still, they tend to lean on the herby and spicy side, and for that, you should be looking at pairing them with an earthy wine. Burgundies are a great option, leaning heavily on the earthy side, and giving a more delicate taste to accompany your veggie burgers.

Whatever wine you choose to pair your burgers this summer, I hope the weather is fantastic, the BBQ’s a success, and you have a fabulous time!

Happy celebrations,