It’s that time again… What on earth do I buy my dad?!

How do you buy for the man who never wants anything?

Every time his birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day rolls around, you ask yourself the same question – what does he even want?!

And now Father’s Day is just around the corner, so what’s the plan?

Father’s Day is a great chance to bond with your dad, and a handy excuse to be a bit open with your emotions, even if you’re both naff at it normally.

Just a reminder, Father’s Day is Sunday 20th June this year!

Now that we’re gradually easing out of lockdown, you’ve got more scope to do something fun and different for your dad, so we’ve had a look at some slightly more interesting gifts and things you could do this year!

And before you ask, he probably doesn’t need another World’s Greatest Dad mug.

For the dad that’s close by

The first thing you can do, and it seems obvious, is to go and see him!

Spend some quality time together, go for a walk and pop out for a coffee – you can even sit inside now, which is a novelty.

You’ve got the perfect opportunity to do something a bit more personal, so why not bake some of his favourite treats – brownies, cookies, cake, whatever it is, the personal touch makes it! Maybe have a practice run first though, just in case you’re not quite Mary Berry.

The temptation now we can all go out and eat, drink and be merry is to, well, go out and eat, drink and be merry.

Word of warning, though – if you’re planning on going anywhere you should think about booking as soon as possible because you won’t be the only one with that grand plan on Father’s Day!

For the dad a little further away

This one takes a little bit more thought. Now, you might be able to see your dad in person – in which case, you can do much of the same as above, and just your presence will be a gift in itself.

But, for those who simply can’t make it – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Breakfast in bed

Is there anything that screams Father’s Day more than breakfast in bed?!

Now, when you’re a kid, some toast and a cup of coffee might suffice, but for a bit more of a treat, Rick Stein’s Weekend Breakfast Box will do the trick. A full Cornish breakfast with all of the ingredients for a breakfast for two plus Origin coffee – this is a guaranteed win.

Delivery’s available across the UK so don’t worry about that either!

Virtual drinks boxes

I know I’m a bit biased, but our virtual drinks tasting experience boxes make for an excellent Father’s Day gift!

The pubs might be back open, but there’s always a place for expanding your horizons and learning about famous Whisky producers and regions. It’s an experience, which as we’ve learned in the last year, is what life is all about.

If wine is more your dad’s bag, then our Show You Care Wine Hamper is the perfect way to show him that you care – it’s all in the name. Choose the message you want to include (and we’ll even donate £5 to the NHS charity for all NHS boxes sold).

Something a bit personal

If you’re looking for something personal to give to your dad, why not plump for a personalised family portrait?

Posterhaste have a great personalised stick figure photo option that’s WAY easier than getting the whole family to smile nicely for the camera.

Select each family member’s stick figure outline, personalise clothing colours, expressions and hair, then you’ll see a fab preview of your family portrait.

Add in dad, grandad, kids, dogs, cats, aunties, uncles and anyone else you want – this is a great little gift with a personal touch.

Or, if you want to get him something a bit more practical, how about a beer glass etched with any map you like?

It could be his favourite football ground, favourite holiday destination or just somewhere that means a lot!

Not on the High Street have an ace catalogue of slightly unusual or different gifts, and you can find out more about the personalised etched beer glass here.

For the dads no longer with us

Sadly, not all of us are lucky enough to be able to celebrate Father’s Day with our dads.

Now, I know each of us is different, but it can still be a day where you celebrate the time you had together.

You could find something that connected the two of you, whether that’s football, a certain place or a favourite hobby, and do something in their honour.

Maybe you could find a way to remember them, perhaps plant a tree in their name to have something physical and positive to celebrate them with.

Whatever your situation and whatever you choose to do, nothing can change the fact that he’s your dad and always will be – and that’s special.

So let’s celebrate on 20th June this year. Bottoms up!