The easiest person to impress in the world is your mum!

How could you say “love you mum!” on 14th March?

Let’s face it, there’s no one person in the entire world who’s easier to impress than your mum.

She’s watched you with joy from the moment you came into this world, and she’s been there for you ever since. That unique bond between mother and child never ends, and it’s certainly something that deserves to be celebrated.

But enough of the wishy-washy.

Let’s get down to it and work out how you can show mum you love her this Mothers’ Day (which is this Sunday, March 14th, by the way).

I’ve had a think and come up with a few unique, lockdown-friendly ideas that you could use to blow your mum away this year.

Before I begin, just remember that flowers never go amiss, but I’m not going to go through the best blooms for Mothers’ Day (I’m pretty sure you’ll know best what your mum loves). So where shall we start?

For the mums you live just around the corner…

Make the most of the daily exercise rules and arrange with your mum to go for a special walk, just the two of you.

If accessibility’s an issue, look for a wheelchair-friendly route where you can get out into nature and spend some quality time together.

Lots of nature reserves have board walks which offer a beautiful opportunity to be together in the great outdoors – wheelchair or no wheelchair!

Why not bake your favourite cake recipe and pre-slice it hygienically so you can share a piece on the walk too? She’ll really appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness, but just remember to give her the rest of the cake before you leave or she might feel somewhat short-changed…

Or what about challenging yourself to go back to your primary school days by writing a special poem about your mum’s impact on your life? Nothing would touch her heart more!

For the mums you can’t see face to face…

It goes without saying that a card on the doorstep will always go down well. (I’ve had enough rubbish experiences with Royal Mail recently to recommend sending yours a week in advance though!)

But what else can you send via mail order to put a smile on her face?

If she’s a whisky, wine or gin lover, then of course I’d suggest one of our virtual tasting experiences – beautiful boxes complete with drinks, mixers and tasty treats, accompanied by an on-demand video tutorial. Aside from being delicious, they’re unique, fun and certainly lockdown-friendly, as you can follow the tutorial from your sofa in your slippers!

But if she’s not got a favourite tipple, why not send a special meal to her doorstep instead?

If she loves to cook, Wild Radish provides all the ingredients she’ll need with recipes created by top chefs. They’re fairly technical so she’ll enjoy feeling like a fine dinging chef in no time as she creates her own very special meal.

Aktar at Home 10-dish curry boxes have been created by Michelin star chef Aktar Islam but do need to be ordered well in advance. And the doorstep dishes from Rick Stein at Home have already been fully prepared, meaning she could enjoy some delicious seafood straight away.

It’s also worth knowing that we do an afternoon tea in their gift hamper range. Why not send one to her, buy one for yourself and host a Sunday afternoon Zoom tea party?!

For the mums who’ve gone too soon…

Of course, not all of us are still lucky enough to have our mums here this Mothers’ Day.

I can’t speak for you, but I think I’d find a special walk in her honour, and even writing that primary-school style poem a therapeutic way to remember her.

And if you’d like to do something more tangible, why not make a donation to a charity that does work that was important to her?

However you choose to celebrate your mum and remind her that you love her this Mothers’ Day, you can be confident that nothing will change her deep love for you too.

Bottoms up,