The Perfect Mixer: Introducing Sekforde…

Fever Tree took the world by storm when it released its range of high-end tonics and, I have to say, I think it’s probably partly responsible for the resurgence of gin over the last 10 years.

Me? I love their range. The different products pair beautifully with almost every variety and style of gin.

But. Not everyone likes tonic.

I’ve heard the familiar complaint at plenty of my gin tastings. “I love the gin, but the tonic? Not so much, thank you all the same.”

So what do you do if you’re not convinced by the classic mixer and you still want to taste those delicious drops of juniper?

A tonic alternative for gin lovers

Enter Sekforde!

Sekforde was borne out of a love affair with spirits, when Talula White decided enough was enough and she needed a range of different mixers that were specifically designed to pair with individual spirits.

She wanted to enhance flavours, not overwhelm them.

And I’m pleased to say that after a lot of hard work, she’s got her delightful creations into Waitrose and Harvey Nichols, and her concept is really starting to take off.

Not just for gin

What’s even better about Sekforde is that they offer a fantastic alternative mixer for other spirits, like rum, vodka and even tequila.

All the classic mixers for these drinks, like cola or lemonade, are so intensely sweet, with loads of additives that can easily overwhelm the complex flavours of good quality spirit.

They even work with whisky too!

I love a good whisky, but it’s hardly the most sociable of drinks, when everyone else in the room is drinking wine or beer.

But with a Sekforde mixer, I can lengthen the flavour of my beloved whisky and join my pals in having a longer drink without overwhelming or changing the taste.

What do Sekforde mixers taste like and how do they work?

Talula’s Sekforde range ticks the boxes for all the most loved spirits: whisky and bourbon, rum, vodka, gin, tequila and mezcal.

There’s a different mixer for each type of spirit, all of which work magically to pair in a way that really enhances the drink without taking over the flavour. Here’s what you can get:

A sparkling blend of lime, mint, rose and cacao

For light and spiced rum

Fresh, zesty lime makes a classic partner for rum and the blend of rose and aromatic herbs with bittersweet Ecuadorian cacao and a light touch of mint really bring out the sugary, spicy flavours.

Light and aperitivo-like on its own, this combination makes an elegant, sophisticated highball with any light or spiced rum. I’m impressed!

A sparkling blend of Sicilian orange, rosemary and Gentian bitters

For whisky and bourbon

With this mixer, the first flavour that hits you is the sweet Sicilian orange, before the heart of the whisky flavour fills your palate. Those smoky tones are lengthened and teased out by a hint of rosemary, highlighting a complexity that would actually be harder to pick out if you were drinking your whisky neat.

The whisky finish lasts longer than usual, thanks to the crisp, bitter notes of the mixer, and a subtle hint of mint will finish the flavour off with a surprising lift. Keep an eye out for hidden dried fruit flavours and spice notes!

A sparkling blend of aromatic raspberry, rose and safe (quinine-free)

For vodka and gin

Instead of using a classic combination of sugar and quinine to counterbalance the piney juniper depths of gin, the Sekforde alternative mixer relies on the natural, soft sweetness from rose and raspberry extracts – and boy does it work!

The flavours taste so summery; light and fresh enough to really add to vodka’s crystalline purity. The initial rose and raspberry tones merge seamlessly into sage and the other secret botanicals, creating a cool and subtle backdrop for a long finish.

A sparkling blend of prickly pear, fig and cardamom

For tequila and mezcal

The prickly pear and fig deliver understated honeyed notes, complementing the smoky, vegetal sweetness in agave-based spirits.

Cardamom bitters with a hint of cacao layer with the spicier finish, unique to tequila and mezcal. This mixer has an undeniable ability to unlock the potential of agave spirits in a simple highball serve.

Which one will you try first?

Bottoms up!